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Seriously. We want to change the things that need changing, and we don't want to waste our time and your money on issues that aren't important. Please tell us what you think via our contact page. Here's a general idea of what we are pursuing:

STEP 1: improve the user experience at heavily trafficked backcountry access points.

-Encourage mutual respect and community by promoting some basic backcountry etiquette provisions.

-Maintain a good relationship with resorts, and make the business case for uphill travelers using resort resources.

-Limit the number of cars that take up resort parking, and advocate for and expand carpooling options.

-Help shape resort infrastructure to limit user conflict.

STEP 2: distribute the impact of backcountry users to different areas.

-Plow additional trailheads and roads.

-Improve community knowledge about what access points are available and what resources they can use to explore new areas.

-Present a united political voice to government agencies during planning processes.

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