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Cascade Backcountry Alliance

Our mission is to protect and improve access for winter backcountry users in the Pacific Northwest

Why Now?

Winter backcountry recreation has been increasing rapidly. With crowded access points and competing user groups, we need to have a unified voice in these matters to ensure we can continue to enjoy the backcountry. 

Our Process


We will develop relationships with land managers, ski areas, and other related organizations.


We will strive to educate the community about relevant news and access opportunities for the winter backcountry community.


We will take our understanding of access issues to identify improvements, and work with land managers to make it happen.


We will listen to the community and communicate our progress and vision.

Our Team

Dan Bolliger
Jerry Drescher
Mike Graw
Corinne Handelman
Kameron Decker Harris
Simon Hoke
Kyle McCrohan
Will Russack
Madelynn Scherrer
Matt Schonwald
Junine So
Tess Wendel

Nick Carlson

Governance Documents

Click on any of the links below to download and read our governance documents.

CBA Bylaws

CBA Articles of Incorporation

WA State Certificate of Incorporation

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