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At Stevens Pass, the largest problem is parking. Competition for this limited resource on Hwy 2 is stiff. We want to try and maintain the best relations possible with two entities: Stevens Pass Resort, and the Washington DOT. Key goals:

  • Ally ourselves with the resort as much as possible as they look for more parking solutions. We are working with Ryan Forbes, the VP of mountain operations, to build a good relationship with the resort.

  • Work with DOT to ensure cars can park without being towed at Jim Hill, Rock Mountain, and other backcountry trailheads. Clarify safe parking locations for users via signage and outreach. Currently, we are trying to obtain some clarity on all these parking situations for winter users from the DOT.

  • Advocate for expanded plowing at as many trailheads as possible.

  • Encourage the expansion of ride-sharing options to this area.

We are also aware of the large parcel of land for sale around the Jim Hill area. We recognize the threat this poses to winter access and are working to try and keep the land in public hands. The price tag makes it a long shot, but we are looking into all options currently.

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