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The WSDOT recently stated that they are planning to move the winter closure point on the west side of SR20 from Milepost 134 to 130, severely limiting backcountry access to the North Cascades from the West. The change is framed as a budget saving measure, so please visit the WSDOT website here and leave a comment stating your opposition to the planned change. Beyond that specific issue, the North Cascades are home to a huge variety of ski terrain, much of it extremely difficult to access. While we want to preserve the wild character of this range, winter access would be greatly improved by pursuing the following:

  • Ensuring gates are not kept locked for arbitrary reasons when access is reasonable.

  • Advocate for expanded plowing operations on key access roads such as the Cascade River Road, and work to secure funding for these operations.

  • Provide better conditions reports on existing roads and snowmobile access points.

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