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These are some of our general projects. Check out your region for more specifics.

On the advocacy front, we are working with the various offices of Mt. Baker/ Snoqualmie National Forest to let them know about our needs and issues. Currently, the Forest Service has a limited understanding of how winter recreation has increased, and where issues have arisen. We have built good working relationships with many resorts and hope to continue that this winter.

We are focused on popularizing a better uphill travel route through the lower Alpental valley, which will reduce conflict with downhill skiers and reduce exposure to avalanche hazard. We hope to release a map similar to the one we built for Crystal last year. You can check out the Crystal map here. We are also hoping to popularize a code of best practices.  We hope that this can function as a tool for educators, as well as reflect a drive for personal accountability amongst our community. If you are an educator and interested in incorporating this tool into your teaching, please contact us.

Our big plowing priority this winter is the west side of Highway 20. WSDOT recently stated that they are planning to move the winter closure point on SR20 from Milepost 134 to 130, severely limiting backcountry access to the North Cascades from the West. The change is framed as a budget saving measure, so please visit the WSDOT website here and leave a comment stating your opposition to the planned change.

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