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Our mission is to protect and improve access for winter backcountry users in the Pacific Northwest

Current Projects

We know there are dozens of access issues worthy of our attention. But to start out, we are trying to stay focused on a few relevant, high value issues.

New Sno-Parks

Sno-Parks are plowed parking lots for winter recreation. We are working with the state run Sno-Park program to add some additional Sno-Parks that will increase parking capacity in popular zones. We are focusing on Snoqualmie Pass and Stevens Pass currently, but have taken inventory of potential options throughout the state.

Public Engagement

The CBA wants to engage with our community! We recently solicited feedback for a backcountry user survey to learn more about what matters to our community. We also plan to host events in the future and create dialogue!


We believe that educating the community about access updates and underutilized access opportunities is a big part of our mission. Check out our blog for updates, backcountry resources, learning opportunities, and other news. We are also working on recreation guides to highlight underutilized spots and spread users out.

Governance and Finance

As a new and fast-moving organization, we are still setting up some of the governance for our organization. We recently created a bank account and will start fundraising soon so that we can cover our operating expenses and build towards the future!

Relationship Building

Backcountry advocacy in Washington is an extremely complicated space with dozens of relevant organizations - NWAC, State Parks, Forest Service, DOT, ski areas, just to name a few. We have met with many different organizations to introduce our mission, learn about theirs, and figure out how we could collaborate. This will be an ongoing process.


Questions? Suggestions? Want to help out?

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