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Board Meeting Minutes- February 21


7 PM 2/21/2023















Quick names around the room



M intro

  • The purpose is to turn what we want to do from gas into solid (provide more solid clarity on our goals)

  • Tess will lead the activity

Project updates to inform goals

Access updates

  • Lot of potential on White Pine road

  • Setting up site visit

  • Setting up cross functional meeting

  • I90 stuff working with CCWRC

  • Henry Creek Matt spoke about Chelan land trust

  • Glading resources from Kyle in document

  • Glacier Creek Road (blog post to encourage community to write to rep) speaking with snowmobile club and road conservation group

Access map

  • Took off website

  • Will made some improvements and fixed errors

  • We can put it back up after more thought and work

  • Google maps platform looked better than Caltopo


  • Corinne got access to Recreate Resp meeting and Drive

Goal setting activity

Tess intro

  • Each of us think of what we (through CBA) want to get done in the next few years

  • Then we use that to guide what the org focuses on

  • Then we use that to inform teams and choose what we work on

Ideas shared on sticky notes

  • Plow Barlow

  • Bus to Snoqualmie

  • Alpental uphill markers and signage

  • Parking on Hwy 2

  • Sno park Hwy 2

  • Parking at Snoqualmie

  • BC access and etiquette

  • Glading improvements

  • MRNP access

  • Social media to advocate for needs

  • Work with CCWRC

  • Sno park connectors between Snoqualmie

  • Partner with WSDOT, pros, etc.

  • Partner with USFS

  • Henry Creek

  • Scholarship or support for folks

  • Inclusivity

Lumped into categories

  • Education

  • Parking/transportation

  • Site improvement/repair

  • Partnerships

  • Advocacy

  • Glading/Access

  • Internal Ops

Next steps

  • Each person picks 3 that should be the top goals for CBA, writes those down

  • Formed 4 teams and picked the top 2-3 in each group

Groups’ top choices

Junine, Matt, and Corinne

Team name: “Elite Moon Unit”

  • Education (starting point for beginners)

  • Access expansion (sno parks and glading)

  • Advocacy (asking advocates to take specific actions) - “Public Engagement”

Luke and Kyle

Team Name: “RedEyes”

  • Glading

  • Understanding our user groups (and communicating with them) - “Public Engagement”

  • Education (collection of resources for new ot intermediate users)

Jerry, Will, Madelynn

Team Name: “Snoqualmie Kittens”

  • Sno park proposals

  • Education (“resort to BC”)

  • Define the internal org - revisit at Internal Planning Strategy

Dan, Simon, Tess

Team Name: “Double Cornice”

  • More parking (sno parks)

  • Education (where and how to go, digital and physical)

Team formation

Access Improvement

  • Parking Expansion - Tess, Jerry, Matt

  • Glading Research - Will, Dan, Matt

Education - Kyle, Will, Simon

Public Engagement - Junine, Corinne, Luke, Madelynn

Action Items

Dan will start doing meeting minutes sometime this spring

Corinne will find a new date for Strategic Planning Event (perhaps March board meeting) and find a location (perhaps the Mounties)

Dan to communicate with Mike and Kam

Teams to meet or call with each other in the next two weeks to create a plan

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